Revealed: The most dangerous areas of Reigate and Banstead in 2017

Revealed: The most dangerous areas of Reigate and Banstead in 2017

Statistics have been released giving a detailed guide to criminal behaviour reported in Reigate and Banstead in 2017.

Now that all of 2017’s crime statistics have been published, Get Surrey has analysed the figures and can reveal which are statistically the most and least dangerous places to live in Reigate and Banstead.

Figures recorded by Surrey Police – available from – show that 11,927 crimes were reported in the borough in 2017, with these offences being broken down by each of the 12 policing areas and by the types of crimes.

We have ranked Reigate and Banstead’s policing areas in order of the number of crimes recorded, with a more detailed breakdown for the type of crime.

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1. Banstead, Nork & Woodmansterne – 1,644

Banstead, Nork & Woodmansterne topped the 2017 list with 1,644 crimes

Banstead, Nork & Woodmansterne topped our list of number of crimes reported within policing areas with relative ease – 1,644 separate incidents were reported to police throughout 2017.

The total number of crimes is found by adding up all the different kinds of crime reported, of which there were 14. These include everything from violent and sexual offences to bicycle theft.

For Banstead, Nork & Woodmansterne, and indeed for most wards, violent and sexual crimes and anti-social behaviour are the most frequently reported.

There were 459 violent and sexual crimes reported in 2017 in this policing area, and 394 reports of anti-social behaviour. There were also 116 reported burglaries.

2. Redhill Town – 1,457

With 187 fewer crimes than Banstead, Nork & Woodmansterne, Redhill Town comes in at number two on our list.

Like Banstead, Nork & Woodmansterne, Redhill Town’s most reported crime was violent and sexual offences, with 371 separate cases reported. There were 352 cases of anti-social behaviour.

In addition there were 163 reported incidents of shoplifting, likely a result of The Belfry shopping centre.

3. Tattenhams, Burgh Heath & Preston Estate – 1,203

But for Tattenhams, Burgh Heath & Preston, it was anti-social behaviour that came out on top for 2017.

In total 341 separate offences were reported during 2017, which is 93 more than the second most reported crime, violent and sexual offences, which came in with 248 cases reported.

It was a bad year for vehicle crime too, with 142 offences reported.

4. Merstham – 1,133


Violent and sexual crimes and anti-social behaviour again came out on top for Merstham, with 303 and 292 incidents reported respectively.

A statistic that really sticks out for Merstham however is the amount of criminal damage and arson offences that were reported in the year.

There were 143 separate incidents reported, meaning this type of crime accounted for 8% of all crimes committed in the policing area.

5. Horley – 1,102

It was a similarly bad month for criminal damage and arson in Horley, which saw 138 incidents reported in the area in 2017.

Anti-social behaviour once again came out on top with 304, but it was good news for anyone scared of robberies, as only one incident was reported in the whole year.

6. Reigate – 1,073

Cyclists, look away. It was a bad year for bicycle theft in Reigate, with 19 incidents reported in the area in 2017. This is far higher than the average for the borough.

The were 333 reports of anti-social behaviour, and 200 reports of violent and sexual crimes, which were once again the top two.

7. Salfords, Earlswood & Whitebushes – 1,000

Surrey Police custody suite in Salfords
Surrey Police custody suite in Salfords

Exactly 1,000 crimes were reported in Salfords, Earlswood & Whitebushes in 2017, more than 50% of which are in the violent and sexual crimes or anti-social behaviour offence categories.

In total 294 violent or sexual crimes were reported, along with 233 anti-social behaviour offences.

Criminal damage and arson were also a highly reported offence in 2017, with 142 separate cases in the area.

8. Woodhatch – 772

If you’re a cyclist in Woodhatch, 2017 was a good year for you. Only two cases of bicycle theft were reported.

There were 212 cases of anti-social behaviour, and 183 reports of violent and sexual crimes.

9. Chipstead, Lower Kingswood, Hooley & Netherne – 738

Not far behind Woodhatch was Chipstead, Lower Kingswood, Hooley & Netherne, with 738 crimes reported in the area, which is just over two a day on average.

Anti-social behaviour contributed 163 to the statistics, but for the first time in our list, another crime completed the top two.

The category “other theft” had 139 reported incidents, with violent and sexual crimes coming in third with 122 reported cases.

10. Redhill North – 669

A good year for shop owners in Redhill North in 2017. Only one report of shoplifting occurred in the area in the whole year.

Just under a third of all crimes were violent or sexual crimes, with 210 reported cases. Anti-social behaviour contributed nearly a quarter of the crime reported in 2017, with 158.

11. Horley West – 655

Worried about someone stealing your belongings while out and about? Then move to Horley West, where there wasn’t a single report of theft from a person in 2017.

As usual, anti-social behaviour topped the list with 210 separate cases, with violent and sexual crimes in second with 152.

12. Tadworth – 481

In last place, an enviable position in this kind of list, is Tadworth, which had just 481 reported crimes in 2017. This is of course due to the population of the area, but it’s a nice accolade nonetheless.

There were 152 reports of anti-social behaviour made, but another good year for cyclists, with just two bicycle thefts reported.

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